New Zealand’s ‘most thrilling’ airport landing

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Queenstown’s airport has been included in a list of the world’s 10 most thrilling places to land.

It’s the only New Zealand airport to make the list compiled by who say pilots have to make a precision approach with flap adjustments to allow for the contours of the mountain ranges that line the approach to the runway.

The approach is over Lake Hayes and into the Kawarau River valley, below the peaks of surrounding mountains.  Strong downdraughts, regular low-lying mists and a relatively short runway ensure pilots have to concentrate.

While the terrain, approach and stunning scenery combine to provide passengers with an exciting landing, the Queenstown Airport has an excellent safety record.

The world’s top 10 landings for thrill seekers

1. Paro, Bhutan

2. Lukla, Nepal

3. Quito, Ecuador

4. Leh, India

5. Toncontin, Honduras

6. Madeira, Portugal


8.  Barra, Scotland

9. Courcheval, France

10. Matekane, Lesotho

Source:, January 2017