The 10 “luckiest” places in New Zealand

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A list of the 10 “luckiest” places in New Zealand suggests the most fortunate of all is a Waikato town famous for its collections of Kiwiana.

The residents of Otorohanga (population 2,700) win more money per head in the national lottery than those living anywhere else in New Zealand.

On average, Otorohanga District residents collected about $1,526 per person in 2016 – that’s almost $600 more than people in any other area.

The results switch the finger of fortune back to the North Island after South Island towns proved to be the “luckiest” in 2014 (Kaikoura) and 2015 (Westland).

One major Lotto win helped boost Otorohanga’s luck with a ticket sold in the seaside town of Kawhia in July earning $13.3m million for the winner of a Powerball jackpot.

A Te Awamutu man also won a large cash prize after buying a ticket from the Oparau Roadhouse.

Lotto prizes of more than $503m were distributed in 2016, including 282 First Division prizes.

New Zealand’s “luckiest” places

1. Otorohanga District (per capita $1526.56)

2. Rodney Ward ($948.67)

3. Ashburton District ($762.11)

4. Ruapehu District ($647.32)

5. Kaikoura District ($356.56)

6. Dunedin City ($282.76)

7. Timaru District ($229.13)

8. Waitemata and Gulf Ward ($189.43)

9. Wairoa District ($183.45)

10. Opotiki District ($181.99)

“The truth is that I really am one of the luckiest people in New Zealand.” — Te Awamutu man who helped Otorohanga top the ‘lucky’ list.

Source: Lotteries Commission, January 2017.