Best milkshakes in New Zealand

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As the world’s biggest exporter of milk products, it’s hardly surprising that Kiwis love to drink so much of it.

They drink it neat, full fat, low fat, calcium-enriched or in any other number of ways.

But milk comes into its own when whisked with a dollop of ice cream and milkshake flavouring. Until the 1990s, most suburban dairies had a rack of bottled flavourings and could whip up a single (one scoop of ice cream) or a double shake within minutes.

Shakes are making a comeback with a growing number of cafes now treating them as specialty drinks.

It’s even led to the launch in 2015 of a national competition to find New Zealand’s best milkshakes with entries judged against four key criteria – uniqueness, texture, aesthetic appeal and of course, taste.

New Zealand’s best milkshake

Top choice

Ice Chocolux Shake

Made by Lulu and Max Cafe which has since closed


Regional winners

Chocodream Shake

Made by Snacks & Scoops 

2033 Great North Rd, Avondale, Auckland

Woohoo, My Mango’s Got Pashinit Shake

Made by Espy Café 

10 Esplanade, Whitianga 

Mandarin Chocolate Stracciatella Shake 

Made by Blenheim Railway Café & Ice Creamery  

2 Grove Road, Mayfield, Blenheim 

The 2016 competition was judged by food writer Nici Wickes and received more than 300 competition entries, and more than 26,000 public votes to help narrow the choices.

Previous winners

Top choice

Aw Fudge I Crushed My Nuts Shake

Made by Espy Café 

10 Esplanade, Whitianga 

Regional winners

Snacks & Scoops 

2033 Great North Rd, Avondale, Auckland

Scott Drive Foursquare

 29 Scott Dr, Flaxmere, Hastings

Halswell Dairy 

456 Halswell Road, Halswell, Christchurch

The 2015 competition was judged by milkshake judge Deanna Yang who travelled the country, checking out the best entries from 320 cafes, dairies and bars.

Source: Anchor Milk’s Best Milkshake Competition.

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