Our favourite types of pie

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New Zealanders love their pies – about 70 million pies a year, in fact.

That’s how many pies the Heart Foundation estimates are consumed by Kiwis. It works out at about 16 pies per person, or a pie every three or so weeks.

But which pies tickle our taste buds the most?

Research firm Canstar Blue asked about 1,600 New Zealanders for their pie choices and discovered cheese features as much as the beef.

New Zealanders’ favourite types of pie

Steak and cheese (27%)

Mince and cheese (19%)

Potato top (10%)

Bacon and egg (8%)

Butter chicken (7%)

Chicken and mushroom (7%)

Smoked fish (3%)

Other (19%)

Random pie facts

More men (30%) prefer steak and cheese than women (24%).

Tomato sauce is a must-add accompaniment for 16% of pie-loving Kiwis.

Cantabrians are the biggest fans of tomato sauce with one in five insisting it is added to pies.

Most New Zealanders (53%) see pies as a treat, while only 3% say they eat pies for lunch most days of the week.

Source: Canstar Blue New Zealand

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