Top 5 things Kiwis get up to at the beach

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While the rest of the world goes to the beach to chill out, Kiwis line up their favourite activities for a stay beside the sea.

A survey by travel firm Expedia shows almost two-thirds of New Zealanders plan a beach getaway in the next 12 months, mostly targeting the Christmas/New Year break.

Expedia’s global survey of 11,165 people in 24 countries showed New Zealanders wanted to remain busy on their beach break.

New Zealanders’ favourite activities are (with comparisons to the rest of the world in brackets):

  1. Walking – 77% (70%)
  2. Swimming – 68% (65%)
  3. Reading – 61% (53%)
  4. Drinking alcohol – 48% (39%)
  5. Water Sports – 26% (21%)

“Living in a culture renowned for its sun, sand and surf, it’s not surprising that Kiwis, compared to global standards, are more active when they hit the beach.” — Expedia’s Louise Crompton.

Source: Expedia’s Fly and Flop Report 2014.