Top 10 choice of names for baby girls in New Zealand

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Only one new name has joined the annual list of top 10 names given by parents to their newborn daughters in New Zealand last year. The newcomer to the list of most popular names is Ava, joining the list after being the 15th ranked name the year before.

Olivia and Charlotte remain the top two names for another year.

About 61,000 births were recorded during the year and 18,000 of them were given unique first names, reflecting the efforts of parents to find distinctive names for their children.

Favourite names

(2015 place in brackets)

1. Olivia (1)

2. Charlotte (2)

3. Isla (7)

4. Harper (3)

5. Ella (6)

6. Amelia (9)

7. Emily (5)

8. Mia (8)

9. Ava (15)

10. Sophie (4)

Source: Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand.

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