New Zealand’s favourite food treats

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New Zealanders love their fish and they love their chocolate – so it’s not surprising the country’s favourite food treat is a combination of the two.

The Chocolate Fish has become an icon of Kiwiana, and the favourite confectionary snack for generations of New Zealanders.

Made from a thin layer of milk chocolate filled with pink marshmallow, the Chocolate Fish was voted top treat by more than 32,000 consumers in an online poll to find New Zealanders’ top 10 snacks.

Top 10 food treats

  1. Chocolate Fish
  2. Burger Rings
  3. Pineapple Lumps
  4. Jaffas
  5. Crunchie
  6. Jet Planes
  7. Moro
  8. K Bars
  9. Lamingtons
  10. Twisties

Source: Stuff online poll, 2013.