New Zealand’s top 10 brands

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New Zealander’s most-loved brands are dominated by food and drink, a national study of favourite brands has found.

More than 1,000 Kiwis were surveyed by research company Colmar Brunton about which Kiwiana brands they most loved.

Collar Brunton CEO Jacqueline Ireland said the most favoured brands were those with longevity, consistency and were able to evoke positive childhood memories.

“The best brands and their branding campaigns are unashamedly Kiwi and use that character to relate to a wide-range of ages and income brackets, according to our research,” she said.

“Kiwiana, or what New Zealanders consider to be all about this country, relate to not only the positive aspects of the national character but also the character of the favourite brands.”

Six of the top 10 brands were food or drink-related, being headed by Whittaker’s Chocolate, ice cream manufacturer Tip Top, confectioners Cadbury and Pineapple Lumps, baking brand Edmonds and major food manufacturer Heinz Wattie’s.

Lemon & Paeroa, the soft drink “that’s world famous in New Zealand”, just made the top 10.

Whittaker’s approval rating was 62%, followed by Tip Top (57%) and then the national rugby team, the All Blacks, with 52%.

New Zealand’s top 10 brands

1. Whittaker’s Chocolate

2. Tip Top

3. All Blacks

4. Cadbury

5. TradeMe

6. Air New Zealand

7. Pineapple Lumps

8. Edmonds

9. Heinz Wattie’s

10. Lemon & Paeroa

“The best brands evoke positive childhood memories and provide tangible links to those memories – they are known and trusted as well as loved.” — Colmar Brunton’s Jacqueline Ireland.

Source: Colmar Brunton Kiwiana Brands Survey 2014.