30 top Kiwi sayings that keep it real, mate

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Here’s our at-a-glance guide to 30 popular Kiwi words and sayings. Like many English-speaking countries, New Zealand has its own special Kiwi words and phrases which are frequently used in daily conversation.

Kiwi words to describe how you feel

Good as (gold) – excellent

Boomer – excellent

Choice – fantastic

Stoked – very pleased

Slutted – greatly annoyed

Sweet as – cool, awesome

Right as rain – perfect

Kiwi words for common objects or items

Jandals – flip flops (if you are British); thongs (if you are Aussie)

Togs – swimming costume

Arvo – afternoon

Anklebiter – small child

Bach – pronounced ‘batch’. Holiday home

Chilly bin – insulated bag for keeping food or beer cool

Chook – chicken

Chuddy – chewing gum

Handle – large glass of beer

Tramp – a hike, trek, long walk usually lasting several days

Greasies – fish and chips

Hard case – joker, comedian

Sunnies – sunglasses

Dag – amusing person or situation

Kiwi sayings

Gorse in your pocket – slow to pay

Give it a burl – try it

Rattle your dags – hurry up

She’ll be right – everything will work out fine

Pack a sad – to become moody, to break

Source: New Zealand Holiday Travel

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